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This is a great version of "Put Your Hand In The Hands of A Man" by Joyful.  Albert has a powerful but soothing voice that adds a great feel to this song. This song has a powerful message that we all can relate too.

20 / 20 (X- RAY VISION) by: JOYFUL.wmv

We thank God for our President Barack Obama
. Let us keep him and his family in our prayers daily that the Lord will give him the strength to endure. We pray for all of the leaders that they will come together as one to make America a better place for all Mankind!

JOYFUL Let Freedom Reign video 1.wmv from the CD titled: "Let My People Go"

This project is our tribute to millions around the world still caught up in the struggle to attain one of the most valued commodities known to mankind.....freedom! We can attest that true peace can only be attained through a real and personal encounter with The Almighty.

"JOYFUL,USA & "Mayor Landrieu sings with The Spirit of New Orleans Choir" YouTube

Mayor Mitch Landrieu, sings with Joyful and the Spirit of New Orleans Choir at The Project Home Again event.  This certainly was a pleasure to be able to join in with our Mayor, City Council and various leaders to make this day a joyous one for the Family.

New Orleans' own JOYFUL Gospel, original song "Cultural Prejudice" written by Joe Guidry and produced by Alfred Caston for Rampart Street Music, released in 2007 on Caught In The Middle.
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