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Joyful & the Spirit of New Orleans Choir had the privilege to perform at one of the World's most heartfelt Memorial Services, "The Deep Water Horizon", at the Jackson Convention Complex on May 25, 2010, Jackson MS.  The service was breath-taking.  This was a great opportunity for Joyful & the Spirit of New Orleans Choir to show their love and support.  We believed that we brought a message of hope, contentment and peace from God to the families that hopefully resides in their hearts forever.    

We pray that it has helped to bring about a positive change, peace in the miss of confusion and a stronger desire to build a relationship with The Almighty God.   These families will not be forgotten by Joyful & the Spirit of New Orleans Choir.  This is why we decided to dedicate this page to them.  Our prayer of comfort is also for the extended family members.   

To the remaining crew members, count your blessings and name them one by one.  It is because of Almighty God that you are still here.  


Jason Christopher Anderson, Aaron Dale Burkeen, Donald Neal Clarke. Stephen Ray Curtis, Gordon Jones, Roy Wyatt Kemp, Karl Dale Kleppinger, Keith Blair Manuel, Dewey Allen Revette, Shane Michael Roshto, Adam Taylor Weise and their families.

The Old Rugged Cross
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