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JOYFUL Gospel Choir

Oh Happy Day

Glory Glory Hallelujah

The Jamalar Agency, located in the world famous 9th ward neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana, is a full service music entertainment booking and production company that represents gospel and roots music artists from the region.

The Company offers a wide range of services to a wide variety of audiences.  Whatever you need, the Jamalar Agency can provide. Our performance services include small accapella groups and jazz ensembles,  brass bands and gospel choirs.

Our talented staff includes writers, arrangers and a recording studio producer; in other words,we have a team who can write, arrange and record a company jingle that can be performed by our choir.  Or, we can perform a jingle that's been authored by another writer, or we can collaborate with someone from your creative team and create something together.

Lastly, the Jamalar Agency books and executes regional and international shows and tours for our roster of gospel and roots music artists.

Now, in our 30th year of doing business in New Orleans and around the world,the Jamalar Agency has developed a reputation
for staging the highest quality shows using the most caring and professional people from a city known for its music and culture.  While having access to all forms of New Orleans music, the Jamalar Agency, is most noted for booking their very own JOYFUL! and the JOYFUL Gospel Singers.

backed by the Joyful Gospel Singers

People Get Ready

Down By The Riverside

The Jamalar Agency Presents...

JOYFUL's Tribute To New Orleans
featuring the music of
Mahalia Jackson, Louis Armstrong & Fats Domino 


Wherever we go, our fans are always asking the same three questions:  How is New Orleans, are people still living there, how is Mahalia doing, and do we still play Louis Armstrong?  A bit elementary yet, comical at the same time.  As a result, we decided to put together a musical tribute so everyone will know that, New Orleans is fine, people still live here, Mahalila is still an angel and we always play Louis Armstrong!

JOYFUL's Tribute show will include biographical information of each of our special guests as well as performing music that made them famous icons of New Orleans music. 

The hour and a half show consists of a cast of twenty New Orleanians who are dedicated to
"Takin' New Orleans To The Rest Of The World." 

      Cultural Prejudice 
Written and arrangedby Joe Guidry
Performed by JOYFUL Gospel from Caught In The Middle 
            for Rampart Street Music

In our multi-cultural society, we all seem to be into "loving our own kind."  Often we readily accept other sects, as long as their ways and means don't threaten our own standards.  This song is all about loving folks for who they are.  This great Joe Guidry song says it all.  True love comes from the heart, is truly color-blind and is not contingent upon race or ethnic background.
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