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Jamalar On Tour
Joyful's 2013 Tour info...

 Joyful had an awesome Gospel music workshop over in Gronau and Haltern Germany.   Every workshop keeps on getting better and better each time.  The German Choirs are always a pleasure to work with at anytime.  We always appreciate their warmth hospitality and love that is shown to us each time we are there in Germany.  

We would like to thank the Soulful Swinging Singers and the other choirs for their participation in the workshop.  They all were awesome and we appreciate each one of them.   Certainly, it would not have been possible, without their eagerness or strong desire to learn.  It was a great pleasure for Joyful and we look forward to another great choir workshop in the near future.

A great shout to the Master teacher, songwriter, musician Carolyn D. Shield.  She taught her original songs, arrangements and was very pleased with the ending results.   We the members of Joyful thank God for her humbleness and energy that she displays whenever she is in action.  

We would like to thank Nu Kingdom: Timothy J. Ashmore, Ebony L. Fears, Kristie Patterson and Lamarris Hall who also played a role in the success of the workshop.   

Special thanks to Alfred S. Caston, Albert C. Mickel and Jan Randolph who is the main core of Joyful for their leadership, support, direction and endurance.    May God continue to bless and keep you All always.  


Eddie Domino & special guest soloist Pearlie Tyler would like to send out a Special thanks to Gianca, Hannes & Elmar for a wonderful tour in Rapperswil and Germany.  Also a shout to the Hotel Speer & Hotel Driland for their excellent hospitality.  Also a kind thank you to all of the fans that supported us while we were there.  We are over excited with joy and look forward to returning in the near future.  Much appreciation to you All!

Joyful is back home thank God!  The tour was very successful we are looking forward to our next adventure which can be at any moment... (Smile).  Touring is like a job and you have to be prepared to work, but it is all worth it.  You gotta love it!

December 15th,  Madrid, Spain
December 16th, Bellinzona (CH) Switzerland
December 17th, Musile (VE) Italy
December 18th...
December 19th...
December 24th...
December 25th, Sicily
December 26th, Sicily
December 27th, Sicily
December 28th, Sicily
December 29th, Osimo (AN) TBC
December 30th, Senigallia (AN)
December 31st...

N* Harmone' had a wonderful time on tour.  Touring is a lot of fun, but a lot of  hard work.   We are looking forward to the next one. 

Voices of Distinction...
Gospel / New Orleans - USA]  Audrey M. Ferguson, Dremetericus M. Thurmond, Geraldine Hickerson,
Tasha Hickerson, Willie Williams, Elton Mitchell,  Benjamin Beste.  
The Voices of Distinction distill a gospel that is in the purest tradition of the New Orleans Baptist and worship.  
Based on a balanced repertoire where neighborly classics highlighted by personnel arrangements, the group delivers an inspirational message that draws its strength from a solid foundation of the African-American religious music.  The Voices of Distinction had a great time at the Nancy Jazz Pulsations Festival over in Nancy, France during October 8th-16th.
This group performed in the following cities and Venues:  Seven Casino in Amneville, Espace Creanto in Crehange, Eglise Saint Jacques in Luneville, Eglise Saint Libaire in Rambervillers, Eglise de Giraumont in Giraumont 
 and Espace Jean-Jaures in Tomblaine.

 We had an awesome time in Cognac, France 2012!

 Joyful will be in Concerts on July 4th, and July 8th with local choirs in France.

7 juillet | 16h30 | Gospel Choir
8 juillet | 16h30 | Gospel Choir

For over twenty years, Joyful spreads the word of gospel & soul in every corner of Europe and in many festival's big stages. With extraordinary voices and a  great sense of melody, the talented quintet sings songs between tradition and modernity, heartbreaking songs filled with spirituality.  Joyful, illustrious group of New Orleans, perpetuates with authenticity and contributes to defend the colors of music inspired by a whole people.

2011 Tours Information:
 Joyful will be touring in Italy from December 18, 2011 thru January 3, 2012. Here are a list of cities that Joyful will be performing:
Montevarchi (AR), Chiusi (AR), Treviso-Italy, Cuneo-italy, Saluzzo (CN), Piozzo (CN), Piacenza, San Marino (RSM), Cairo Montenotte, Codogno (LO) and L'Aquila-Italy.

  Joyful will be touring in Spain, and the Canarias Islands from December 3, 2011 thru December 16, 2011.

     Joyful, USA Gospel Singers will be performing in Germany, & Switzerland.  The 2011 tour dates are November 19th-December 2nd. Here are the cities and venues the concerts will be held:
Alte Kirche Hagen ATW with Martinus Chor, 
Stadtheater lingen/Ems with Chorwerkstatt Lingen, Paderborn with Erika Singers, Forum Bad Vilbel with Gospel Train, ST Osswald Kirche Regensburg with Deliverance Gospel, Workshop & Concert, Gronau with the Soulful Swinging Singers Evangelische Stadtkirche

Performing in Switzerland: November 28-30th, December 1, 2011.

J.C. & Company Gospel Messengers will be performing at the Nancy Jazz Pulsations Festival in Nancy France.  2011 Tour dates are October 6th-October15th.  

 J.C. & Company's  performed in the following cities and venues during October 8-13 2011: Espace Cultrel Alhambra in VITTEL, Espace Cassin- rue du General Stuhl in  BITCHE, Ancienne Chapelle du Noviciat in ART SUR MEURTHE, Salle des Fetes in VELAINE EN HAYE, EGLISE NOTRE DAME DE MONT SAINT  MARTIN in MONT ST MARTIN 


Hold Your Head Up High By: Alfred Caston
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