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Jamalar News
Joyful's Spirit of New Choir, had the opportunity to work with "Ben Saunders" from Holland.  He wanted to add a "Gospel Feel" to his song "Kill For A Broken Heart ".  Ben had a soulful sound already so it all worked out really well.  We had an awesome time being interviewed, working in the studio and performing with Ben at The House Of Blues French Quarters location here in New Orleans.   Ben and the Joyful's choir had a fantastic show.  The audience was awesome and grateful.  They were on their feet, clapping, waving their hands and singing just having a great time.  This is one show that they will never forget!

You can check out the video link below:


   Joyful is having a Gospel Workshop in Cognac, France from July 4- 8, 2012.
  The Jamalar showcase was a huge success.  We have new and exciting atists coming your way.  Their music will be like a breath of fresh air.  Stay tune...  you never know it maybe your turn next. 

March 2012
The newest and awesome CD release will be a wonderful treat for you and your family from Jamalar/Rampart Street Music. 

The title is "NOT ASHAMED" by our youngest artists gospel group
The Jones Sisters (J4). Their ages ranges from 8 years old to 13 years old.  Maybe you are a fan of the world famous Clark Sisters or maybe not but they will win your heart over. (J4) music will usher you right into praise and worship to the Almighty God.  You'll gonna love them we guarantee it!
Available for sale via
CD Baby.com right now!

November 2011
Jamalar/Rampart Street Music is excited again about the new CD release of JOYFUL titled: "Let My People GO".  T
his group is known for their own unique R& B Gospel stlye of singing the gospel.  There are some old time favorites such as: A Change is Gonna Come, Put Your Hand In the Hands of A Man, and The Dream, and Let Freedom Reign are two great selections that you will enjoy.  This whole CD is awesome and has a musical message to share especially relating to our society today.
Available for sale via
CD Baby.com right now!


Joyful's Radio Conference in Canary Islands.

Buesnews Magazine posted an article on J.C. And Company in the April-June 2011 issue.
Soul Bag Magazine, wrote a great article on Sjuwana Byers & the Children Of God in the April-September 2011 issue.
                                         Bluesnews Magazine, posted an article on Sjuwana Byers & the Children Of God in the October-December 2010 issue.

On Tuesday, May 25 2010, Joyful Gospel, USA, backed by the Joyful Gospel Choir, was called upon to perform the memorial service for the 11 families that lost loved ones in the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion off the coast of Louisiana on April 20, 2010.  The service was held in Jackson, Mississippi at the Downtown Civic Center.  It was a breath taking service, and a great opportunity for Joyful Gospel to bring a message of hope to the heartbroken families, friends and others who were present.  The event was sponsored by Transocean;  endorsed by President Obama as well as the Governors of Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. 
We are incredibly honored to be chosen for this event. Special thanks go out to
everyone who worked hard to make it an event of Rememberance and Honor.

To view the memorial service click here to visit
Deepwater Horizon Memorial


This year's tour to Germany was to the lower Saxony region in Northwest Germany very close the border at The Netherlands.  We performed to sold out audiences at the Civic Center in Verden, at the Phaeno in volfsburg, Theatre Meppen a church in Vreden and at the JazzFest Gronau where we performed with Europe's Ambassador to New Orleans Music, Ms. Lillian Boutte. 


  Elmar Hoff visits Rampart Street Studios  with members of Joyful and Friendly Travelers. Alfred Caston, Albert Mickel, Jan Randolph, Floyd Turner, and Wanda Joseph.
 Thomas Gerdiken and Elmar Hoff travel to New Orleans to present donations to The New Orleans Musicians Clinic and other non-profits who are helping musicians artists recover from the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

      The Spirit of New Orleans is booked to participate in the Nancy Jazz Pulsations annual music event October 2009
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