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The JOYFUL Foundation

The JOYFUL Music Group and the Jamalar Agency is a locally owned music entertainment agency founded by the international gospel group JOYFUL!.  For more than two decades, JOYFUL! has been blessed to be able to spread the music of New Orleans to more than 30 countries worldwide, and feel that much of the success they have enjoyed has been based on the merits and the culture of New Orleans music.  The band understands that being from New Orleans has been a definite advantage to their worldly success.

A couple years ago the group decided that it was time for them to get serious about investing in the next generation of Crescent City musicians, thus the inception of the JOYFUL Foundation.

Currently, the JOYFUL Foundation is solely funded by the group JOYFUL! by putting aside funds from each concert in
order to fulfill their mission which is to:

  • Provide financial assistance to help financially challenged music students to buy instruments
  • Help young music students learn and understand the uniqueness and importance of New Orleans' music and culture
  • Expose music students to real professional concert situations that entail traveling abroad to places like France, Germany, Italy and Poland, as well as local and regional performing opportunities

 Each year the JOYFUL Music Group will donate thousands of dollars to public school music students in the area.  The very first such students to benefit from the JOYFUL Foundation attend West Jefferson High School.  With this group of students, we were able to form the Joyful Brass Band.  
  These dedicated young men impressed upon us their desire to work hard and learn new music, as a result, they not only recorded a CD on the Rampart Street Music label but they also were able to join JOYFUL and the JOYFUL Gospel Singers on a summer tour to Spain.

Stay tuned for information regarding the 2010 contribution to our music community.

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