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Eddie Domino

    Eddie C. Domino   

 Blueberry Hill

Eddie received his first piano at the age of nine
in New Orleans.  He started to try to work out harmonies and vocal melody lines on his own. He wrote his first song in the sixties as a teenager.  As a young child, he started to notice that his uncle was traveling more and more to places that he had never heard of.  He did not realize that Fats Domino’s travel had much to do with music.  He only knew that his uncle was traveling a lot.

In the 70's Eddie started to play gigs with a famous local Blues singer called Bobby RushBobby Rush was a Blues icon in New Orleans during the 60’s and 70’s.

Eddie’s musical career would be interrupted by the United States Army.  Eddie was immediately sent on a tour throughout Europe, only to find out that his family name was already there.  It was  during  his time in the US Army that he came to understand what a real impact his uncle was making on the world.  During his stay in Europe, he was always questioned whether he was, in fact, related to Fats Domino.  All this attention caused him to focus more and more on a career in New Orleans styled music.  He now had the Domino music bug. 

After a childhood and young life in New Orleans, Eddie had to relocate to Chicago.  During Eddie’s time away from New Orleans, he started a collection of all the greatest hits of Fats Domino.  Eddie had no idea how important this collection would be.  In 2005 Katrina came and washed away Fats Domino’s home and all his musical archives (gold records, Grammy figurines and musical instruments).  

Shortly thereafter,  Eddie attended the American Music Masters Award on November 13, 2010 in honor of his Uncle and Dave Bartholomew both received an award for most important partnership in Rocking Roll History.  He was able to present to his own collection of Fats Domino’s greatest hits. This was a special treat for Fats. 

Fats, has not been able to travel lately because of his health.  He has officially endorsed Eddie to carry on the Domino tradition.

Eddie sings and plays many of the great songs of his uncle, but also offers a collection of his very own soul ballads

Blue Monday

Two featured songs from "Eddie Domino & Friends".  

Two Wrongs 

A Simple Song featuring: Pearlie M. Tyler

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  Featuring guest soloist ... 

  Pearlie M. Tyler                                          

Pearlie Tyler came from a family of singers and she got her start in local churches at the age of eight. By her early teens, she had written four songs with another local singer.  The duo called themselves the “Hollywood Jills”.

In the mid eighties, she became a part of the hit theater show “One Mo’ Time”.  The show originated in New Orleans.  When interviewed during one of her performances she proclaimed, “I learned that I have a passion for singing and singing is what I will do until I check out of here. 

Tyler’s mastery of jazz, gospel, pop and R&B has taken her from the local church to international stages abroad.  When in New Orleans she is often booked in venues of note.  

Tyler is also an accomplished songwriter.  She has shared the stage with Nancy Wilson, Joyful, Kid Merv, Walter Payton, the Snap Bean Band, the Regal Brass Band, Frank and Cindy Mayes and the New Orleans Black Chorale. 

Pearlie Tyler is not just a singer; she is a delightfully talented, all around entertainer with a voice that is distinctly clear.                               

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